Good News For You

"I believe 'Good News for You' works because I have witnessed the fruit myself. I have personally used the booklet to share Jesus Christ with thousands of people around the world."
-Danny L. Johnson, Director of Missions, Little Rock Arkansas


I Have Been Born Again, What Next?

New believers are often left unguided in their newly found faith and Christian life. Now you can help them understand Christian privileges and responsibilities and help prepare them for responsible church membership in eleven Bible based lessons...


Let This Mind Be In You

"...the (evengelistic) approach provided here will work. It will work with almost anyone at almost any place in almost any time."
-W.A. Criswell, Pastor First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX


Leading A Bible Study by Indirect Methods

Learn how to facilitate a Bible study by simply guiding a discussion where students discover Biblical truth themselves.


Questions People and Churches Ask

A wealth Biblical answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in church life.


Indigenous Church Planting - A Practical Journey

" of the most effective and widely-used books in the church growth field... continues to be an inspiring practical tool reflecting principles and methodologies that are timeless and universal."
-Jerry Rankin, Former President, IMB, SBC


Welcome to CGI Online

Church Growth International (CGI) produces materials designed to facilitate evangelism and discipleship worldwide. On this website you will find Biblical-based books designed to help lead unbelievers to faith in Christ, teach them how to be responsible church members and eventually church leaders.

All of our materials are designed with reproducibility in mind. Once someone has been lead through the studies, they should be able in turn to lead others through them. The studies are lead in such a way that indigenous believers take ownership of their faith and their church, allowing for the furtherance of the church through indigenous church planting movements.

In addition to our printed materials, we also conduct seminars internationally in which we introduce proven principles and practices for indigenous church planting, all of which are based on the work of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament.

CGI News

  • CGI Rolls Out New Web Site
    Welcome to the new CGI website. We have a new cart and ordering process, but will not be processing payments online. When we receive your order, we will call you to determine shipping and payment details. If you have difficulties placing an order, please feel free to contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    NEW: "Fishing" Clinics

    Our focus has long been on Church Planting, but recently we have had an exciting new focus on simple but effective “fishing for men.” (You can read, “Fishers of Men and the Great Question” and other fishing testimonials on our sister site, Charles is scheduled to lead fishing clinics in the Memphis area, in Arizona, and in Oklahoma. Contact us if you are interested in attending one of these clinics or in hosting one in your area.